Monday, 31 December 2012

Canadian players in the WASPA ranking

Canadian players in the WASPA ranking of December 2012:
 12 Peter Sexton Hamilton SC 55
 21 Shane Hoopfer Calgary SC 40
 34 David Baxter Calgary SC 26
 50 Shaun  Burt Hamilton SC 22
 51 Nicholas Sciberras Hamrun SC 20,25
 57 Stephen McNab Hamilton SC 19
 65 Josh Braun Calgary SC 16
 74 Gurmeet Khaira West Coast TSC 13
 99 Liam  Sexton Hamilton SC 9
 # Logan Stevenson Calgary SC 9
 111 Brodyn  Sexton Hamilton SC 8
 122 Nathan Haylett Calgary SC 7
 # Parjesh Randhawa West Coast TSC 7
 190 Travis Hoopfer Calgary SC 4
 # Brian Redmond Calgary SC 4
 # James Redmond Calgary SC 4
 # Allan Thornton Toronto Subbuteo League 4
 # Jeff Watts Toronto Subbuteo League 4
 # Ben Herrel Calgary SC 4
 # Chris Moore Hamilton SC 4
 # Iain Clarkson Hamilton SC 4
 # Shaan Bal West Coast TSC 4
 # Richard Ho West Coast TSC 4
 296 Chris  Faille Hamilton SC 1
 # Andrew Lemak Hamilton SC 1
 # Behn Wurthman Hamilton SC 1
 # Paul Burt Hamilton SC 1
 # John Mckay Hamilton SC 1
 # Kyle Rozoski Hamilton SC 1
 # Shawn Lovegrove Hamilton SC 1
 # Gerald Moore Hamilton SC 1

First tournament in Vancouver

This Saturday Dec 29 2012, West Coast TSC hosted a subbuteo tournament in Vancouver under the WASPA banner with 4 players taking part. At the end of the tournament, Gurmeet Khaira lifted the trophy over Parjesh Randhawa in a penalty shoot-out, while Shaan Bal took 3rd place by beating Richard Ho in a consolation final. Special thanks to novice player Richard Ho who showed passion to learn the game and enjoyed participating in the tournament.There was pop and pizza for everyone whom to took part and the effort to make it to the event including having lots of fun.

Monday, 17 December 2012

2 more tournaments in Canada

Two tournaments have been added for the month of January. On January 1 at 3 pm, there will be a tournament in Calgary, Alberta. Interested players should contact Shane Hoopfer for details at

The Hamilton Subbuto Club in southern Ontario will also meet on January 13 at Peter Sexton's. Interested players can contact Peter at

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Huge success for the Hamilton tournament

This sunday's Hamilton tournament was a huge success with 15 players, including one from Australia, taking part. For the first time, the tournament was played at the Lionshead pub. Results didn't differ much from the first event, Shaun Burt defeating Stephen McNab in one semi-final, Peter Sexton beating Brodyn Sexton in a shootout in the other semi. Peter defeated Shaun in the final. There were prizes, there was pizza, there was beer, there was fun and hopefully a few new enthusiasts were introduced to the game. Well done to Peter Sexton for organizing the event. Helping new players to be part of tournament is exactly the goal of WASPA so well done for managing to get more and more new players involved!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Second title for Shane Hoopfer

The Calgary Subbuteo Club met for their 4th tournament under WASPA banner on saturday evening. The club of Alberta was happy to get a new player involved and Ben Herrel did well by losing his three games only by 0-1. In the final, Shane Hoopfer proved to be in great shape. He beat Josh Braun by a single goal (1-0). This is already Shane's second title in the WASPA circuit.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

WASPA update for the end of November is up!

Canada has jumped 7 spots to #6 in the nations rankings!
Individual players as follows:
 #25 Peter Sexton 30 points
 #27 Shane Hoopfer 27 points
 #28 David Baxter 26 points
 #69 Stephen McNab 12 points
 #76 Josh Braun 9 points
 #76 Shaun Burt 9 points
 #89 Nathan Haylett 7 points
 #118 Logan Stevenson 5 points
 #118 Liam Sexton 5 points
 #139 Brian Redmond 4 points
 #139 James Redmond 4 points
 #139 Allan Thornton 4 points
 #139 Jeff Watts 4 points
 #139 Travis Hoopfer 4 points
 #214 Brodyn Sexton 1 point
 #214 Chris Faille 1 point

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Tournaments in Calgary and Hamilton

There will be some more tournaments in December.
- December 8: tournament in Calgary (Alberta). Contact: Shane Hoopfer at
- December 9: tournament in Hamilton (Ontario): Contact: Peter Sexton at