Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Another success for Peter Sexton

13 players attended the Hamilton tournament on saturday. The Canadian club is still very active with many good players but this time, Peter Sexton won the title as he beat Stephen McNab on shots after a very close final (1-1). Sexton also defeated Shaun Burt on shots in the semi (1-1 and 5 shots to 4) while Brodyn Sexton was the other semi-finalist.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Great fun in Calgary

Calgary had 7 players at their event with a new U19 player on sunday! Everyone got a minimum of 7 games in and had a good time and the play has improved dramatically! There were great semi-finals with Shane Hoopfer beating Josh Braun on shots and Logan Stevenson beating Tom Stevenson (1-0). In the final, Shane and Logan tied but Shane won on shots. Well done! The next event in Calgary will take place on Sunday May 12, perhaps at a new location, too.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Canadian players in the world rankings

In the FISTF World rankings of March 2013, David Baxter is 411th in the Open section and 226th in the veterans section.

In the WASPA ranking of March 2013, the Canadian players are ranked as follows:
3 Peter Sexton Hamilton SC 124,00
11 Shane Hoopfer Calgary SC 79,00
17 Shaun  Burt Hamilton SC 68,50
26 Stephen McNab Hamilton SC 49,00
45 Josh Braun Calgary SC 34,00
54 David Baxter Calgary SC 26,00
54 Gurmeet Khaira West Coast TSC 26,00
72 Brodyn  Sexton Hamilton SC 24,50
73 Logan Stevenson Calgary SC 24,00
115 Parjesh Randhawa West Coast TSC 14,00
118 John Mckay Hamilton SC 13,75
140 Ben Herrel Calgary SC 12,00
154 Mike Otter Hamilton SC 9,75
166 Dan Otter Hamilton SC 8,75
188 Nathan Haylett Calgary SC 7,00
223 Paul Burt Hamilton SC 6,00
223 Iain Clarkson Hamilton SC 6,00
242 Chris  Faille Hamilton SC 5,00
276 Shaan Bal West Coast TSC 4,00
276 Richard Ho West Coast TSC 4,00
276 Travis Hoopfer Calgary SC 4,00
276 Chris Moore Hamilton SC 4,00
276 Brian Redmond Calgary SC 4,00
276 James Redmond Calgary SC 4,00
276 Allan Thornton Toronto Subbuteo League 4,00
276 Jeff Watts Toronto Subbuteo League 4,00
276 Tom Stevenson Calgary SC 4,00
276 Dane Hattaway Hamilton SC 4,00
276 Kevin Suffoletta Hamilton SC 4,00
276 Gavin Khaira West Coast TSC 4,00
276 Sarjit Khaira West Coast TSC 4,00
363 Kieran Mckay Hamilton SC 2,00
400 Andrew Lemak Hamilton SC 1,00
400 Shawn Lovegrove Hamilton SC 1,00
400 Gerald Moore Hamilton SC 1,00
400 Ron Pivatt Hamilton SC 1,00
400 Kyle Rozoski Hamilton SC 1,00
400 Behn Wurthman Hamilton SC 1,00
400 Riad Kadri Calgary SC 1,00

Canada is 3rd (out of 31 nations) in the ranking of nations.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Gurmeet Khaira wins in Vancouver

Four players attended the second WASPA tournament held in Vancouver on Sunday March 31, 2013. Unfortunately it was difficult to find a better date so that more players could attend but there was good fun and some interesting games. Special thanks to the two new additions whom took time to understand the game better .After the group stage, Parjesh and Gurmeet had six points and qualified for the final. Gurmeet took the title when he won the game 1-0.